Our company and sinopec chemical sales north China branch held a signing ceremony

Our company and sinopec chemical sales north China branch held a signing ceremony

On July 18, 018, the shandong Oriental hongye chemical co., LTD and sinopec sales in north China subsidiary company strategic cooperation signing ceremony held in the meeting room on the first, sinopec chemical sales DouHongJun wang qiang, general manager, deputy general manager of north China filiale, planning information minister Chang Ying dizzyhemmy spring, synthetic rubber, synthetic resin manager manager Li Zongqin, qilu Wang Hongdong sales department manager, general manager, deputy director of the office Lu Hongxi, Oriental Wang Fengzhong hongye chemical co., LTD. General manager, deputy general manager Yuan Zhengbiao xin-ping Chen, deputy general manager, new material department minister finish new equality attended the signing ceremony.

Before the signing ceremony, wang fengzhong, general manager of Oriental hongye, warmly welcomed wang qiang and his party.

After briefly introducing the basic situation of orient hongye, I communicated with the visiting leaders on the future development prospect of the new material industry and the content of enterprise development situation.

During the communication process, general manager wang qiang recognized the strength of orient hongye petrochemical co., ltd. and put forward the hope and requirements for the cooperation with orient hongye.

Wang qiang, general manager of sinopec huacai north China branch, said: first of all, the cooperation between the two sides is sincere mutual trust, is the recognition of Oriental hongye and sinopec have known each other for many years;

Secondly, it is full of confidence to cooperate with hongye and new petrochemical materials.

We hope orient hongye will continue to give full play to its  advantages and achieve better results.

Third, today's signing marks the establishment of a new platform for bilateral cooperation.

We should take this cooperation as the starting point and consider long-term strategic cooperation with Oriental hongye from multiple levels and angles to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

Finally, I wish orient hongye new achievements in its future development and a good example of new cooperation and new starting point.

Company general manager Wang Fengzhong thank sinopec's trust in the east hongye with pay, compared with sinopec east hongye is more like a rising star, the east hongye as a leader of private enterprises in the domestic PP, PB production, relying on the sinopec state platform advantages, to promote the development of PP, PB industry, for the first time cooperation will be a 1 + 1 > 2 effect, for innovation and development to make outstanding contributions in the field of new materials.

Participants from both sides witnessed the signing ceremony, which marked the formal strategic partnership between the two sides in new materials including PB, PPR and other aspects.

Then wang qiang general manager in the company's general manager wang fengzhong and other leaders visited the factory.

The cooperation between shandong orient hongye and huacang north China branch will open a new chapter of innovation integration and interaction between private enterprises and central enterprises, and write a wonderful chapter in the history of cooperation between orient hongyou and sinopec, which is sure to achieve brilliant results.




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